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UK Chesr Vehicle Limited, founded in 2010 on November 1, registered capital of RMB 10 million yuan, the company is located in, the main business of electric scooter, steam scooter, and outdoor leisure products, fitness equipment, auto parts, motorcycle parts (excluding engines), hardware tools, daily plastic products, household appliances, stainless steel products, daily hardware products (including measuring instruments), kitchen utensils (excluding MuZhu products) manufacturing, processing and marketing; Security doors, wooden doors sales; Goods and technology import and export business (projects subject to approval according to law can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments), zhejiang chi hui automobile co., ltd. is customer-centered and service-oriented. Pursue excellence with professional value, create industry brand model, realize value maximization, repay the society, integrity and dedication as the mission of the enterprise; Gradually establish a good brand of the

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